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Bishop Chairman of Episcopalian Commission for Migrant Workers:

"I would like to encourage you to join the September 11 - World Marian Peace Regatta in New York for the International Day of Prayer for Peace and Reconciliation. We pray for PEACE in our country, PEACE in our host nation and PEACE among all nations and PEACE in the world. Only by prayers can we achieve PEACE. Join this great project in New York that peace can be achieved only through Mary.

The whole world will know that peace cannot be achieved by negotiations on a negotiating table and it cannot be achieved by force, but only through prayers.

One time in your life, 13 years ago in EDSA, people came ready to surrender to God's will provided that there will be peace and solidarity among us, Filipinos and we were able to silence the guns to non violent action. It was an endeavor we'd like to offer our lives to. We are now in the position to export the beautiful gesture at a national and international level to all peoples with Mary to Jesus. Pray to the Holy Spirit to come down on all nations so that true peace will reign.

When we recognize that God is our Father and all of us are brothers and sisters, we shall fulfill the God-given task by bringing the Goods News of Salvation. Be good Catholic Filipinos, sharing with each others the joy and the grace of our faith.

May Jesus and Mary always be with you."


"I think the Consulate is in a good position to assist because we have the network, the linkage with American Associations. These American Associations are church-based and there will be a lot of interest in this project. People are trying to go back to religion finding what is missing in their life despite their affluence. Many are not happy . This project will be supported not just by the Filipino community but by the American community. We can help facilitate contacts with the local authorities and send letters. And our staff will be able to help substantively in the project.

I would like to extend the invitation to everyone to come and join us on September 11 to join in the WORLD MARIAN PEACE REGATTA to celebrate the birthday of Mama Mary. It will be our pride that the Filipinos in New York and in the Tri-state area are spearheading this project. Let us all be one spirit on this!"


"We should welcome the opportunity to be a part of this Marian project to prepare us for the coming Millennium. This is a Do-ABLE PROJECT with all the Filipinos in the United States and in the Philippines working together as children of Mary. We will all be united in the name of peace. We can make a difference. We can make it happen. It takes hard work, dedication and sheer faith to do this!"

DR EVELYN N. GEGA, Past President of Filipino Americans of Long Island

"This is a great challenge to put up a huge birthday party for Our Blessed Virgin's birthday celebration. It has not been done and Filipinos can be united on this. And if we put our hearts and souls into it, we shall show to the world the virtues of Filipinos in projects like this.. We welcome everyone to join hands and support this worthy project. This is quite an honor to be called to do this task."

Civic and Community Leader, Consultant of Ms. Loida Nicolas of TLC Beatrice

"I have lived in this county for 25 years and I have seen the very best and the very worst in Filipinos. Maganda ang project nila Baby. But, I hope we will go beyond the beauty of the statues and focus more on our faith in Christ and in God with the Blessed Virgin interceding for us. I suggest many Prayer Vigils and nights of fasting for the success of this WORLD MARIAN PEACE REGATTA. Let us focus on FAITH and LOVE and beg God for real PEACE to spare the world from disaster and war. Let us include Scripture, meditation and deep prayers on this day.

We'd like to ask you to join us because when millions join us in prayer, we can really storm the heavens to answer our petitions. Let us all be one in this project!"

NELIA FERRETTI, Civic and Community Leader

"It is a very exciting project. It needs the support of the whole Filipino Community in New York and in the Northeast area . There will be no problem. It is quite a special and unique project We can move this!"

FREIDA GARCIA, Housewife Travel agent

"New York will the first one to have anything like this. With the enthusiasm of the Filipinos, the support of our Consulate, and the Migrants Apostolate, this can all happen! The thing is to believe in ourselves as we can celebrate the birthday of the Mother of God with a big bang. The venue is quite crucial"

Other Endorsements:

Philippine TV Stations will be invited to cover this event on a live satellite feed. Ted Flynn has committed himself to actively participate and be a part of the World Marian Peace Regatta.

Christina Gallagher has been given a message from Our Lord "this event was a symbol of the Triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate Heart, being led from the Philippines throughout the World."

Our lady said that the Lord desired that there would be a person or persons from every Country throughout the World represented.

We are networking with other Catholic Organizations and other Migrant Groups in the United States.

We shall be tapping U.S. based Filipino Organizations.

This affair is being facilitated by Mary's Army to Save Souls Media Movement, and is co-sponsored by various Marian organizations here and overseas.




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________ J. Love Offering 251,000

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